Monday, October 5, 2009

High Risk Investment

Trading foreign exchange on margin carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors. The high degree of leverage can work against you as well as for you. Before deciding to trade foreign exchange you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience, and risk appetite. The possibility exists that you could sustain a loss of some or all of your initial investment and therefore you should not invest money that you cannot afford to lose. You should be aware of all the risks associated with foreign exchange trading, and seek advice from an independent financial advisor if you have any doubts

Forex Market Information Easily Accessible

Information about stocks is abundant, but so are the stocks. Finding a trade opportunity in the equities markets may mean sifting through data on thousands of stocks, while the forex trader has only six major currencies to research. Additionally, the vital information that moves equity markets, such as revenues and profits, is proprietary and private. In contrast, virtually all of the news that bears on the forex market is in publicly disseminated reports from governments or research institutions, and released to everybody at the same time.We feel that the knowledge you've gained in analyzing stocks can easily be transferred to the forex market. Many of the economic indicators familiar to equity traders, such as payroll data and interest rates, affect the currency markets. And many technical traders have found the forex market to be particularly attractive, since currencies respond well to many of the common technical indicators, such as MACD, RSI, and Candlestick charting.

Web-Based Charts

dbFX offers web-based charts designed for those looking for simple, live updating, quality charting software. As well as being easy to use, the charts can display a wide variety of currency pairs and are fully customizable

Online Currency Trading with dbFX

dbFX is Deutsche Bank's online margin forex trading platform for individuals and small institutions. As the world’s leading FX liquidity provider*, Deutsche Bank brings the benefits of the foreign exchange market to you on a state-of-the-art trading platform tailored to your needs.

How to trade currency online (Forex)

Search online for "currency trade" or "forex". There are many agents all over the world. You don't need to be US to trade "money". But, there are several US companies provide service over sea. For example, "", "" and "e-trade". You will find more than this list.Step 2Sing up for practice account. Most company provide free practice account with real time market. It is good opportunity for people to know this trading and to see are they fitting to this kind of trading.Step 3Also read all the learning information on the web site. You must read through the learning material. Most of them you may know if you familiar with stock trading or some other online trading. But you still need to read. Currency trading is much high risk than other trading.Step 4After you have basic knowledge and try with your practice account. You than make the decision to start trading on real market or just go away.

Automatic Forex Trading Software Useful Information

What with the advent of the internet and state-of-the-art computer technology, anyone having net, backed by forex trading software and some basic knowledge of accounting and brokering can do dealing with forex. This market never closes, and to know about what is happening in the marketplace, you have to keep a constant monitoring system in place. With the help of these automatic systems, you can pick up a currency, its asking and selling price ahead of any buying. What are required are a small investment sum and a broking agent for immediate transactions.You do not have to be a professional to earn profits from this trade because the automated forex trading software programs systems take care of all the work for you. When automatic dealing systems are used by managed accounts, the program itself handles all the details for you. This process can actually save you a lot of time since the dealing won’t be done by you but the auto systems itself.

Friday, August 21, 2009

History ship

Jan van Dam faced a new challenge in 1989. He started as a sailor on the MS Oldenhove, a ship with a captain owner, but he managed to work his way up to helmsman with dispensation within a short space of time.

Navimor ship

NAVIMOR International and REMONTOWA shipyard in 1999 have delivered to Gdynia Maritime University training and research vessel HORYZONT II . This modern ship has been designed and equipped with sophisticated equipment in order to allow her to perform is versatile functions

Merchant ship

The article also stated that MISC already operates vessels with helipads in their Offshore Floating Facilities fleet, but what they may have not realised are that such ships are tethered production and storage vessels, and the helipad conversions they have installed may not be suitable for a vessel that is supposed to be sailing in speed and in climatically challenging environment as can be seen from this photo of the various vessels.

Corveto ship

As the Navy decommissions the last of its frigates (FFG-7s), only Aegis cruisers and destroyers will remain to conduct basic naval missions like drug interdiction, search and rescue, coastal reconnaissance, special anti-terrorist operations, and blockades. Devoting large sophisticated ships with 322 crewmen for simple missions is a tremendous waste of resources.

Urals star ship

One of newly built and very modern ships property of the large ship-owner company “Ernst Jacob” is the double hull oil tanker Urals Star. The vessel has a deadweight of 114,847 metric tons, a length of 253.5 meters and a beam of 44 meters. The depth of the oil tanker is 21 meters.

HMS dairing ship

She may not be the prettiest or most modern ship out there but this is one I'll always remember. I am a plankowner(original crew)and called her home for a few years back in the 80's.

Dal Kalahari ship

The German container ship DAL KALAHARI, one of six modern ships making up the SA-Europe Container Service (SAECS) conference, which operates a weekly container service between Northern Europe ports and South Africa since the mid 1970s. The ship is seen arriving at Durban in this picture which is by Terry Hutson

Titanic ship

Most new ships have sterns that look like the back of a bus when compared to the sterns of the great ocean liners. A fantail and a slender superstructure just do not maximize profit. Funnels are no longer things of beauty either. In the past, they used to represent power and speed.

carnival destiny ship

Victoria ship

Your home for three lovely nights, the M/V Victoria Anna, built in 2006, is setting a new standard of cruise ship design for Yangtze River cruising. This premiere ship is constructed with a blending of both modern and elegant architecture.

American ship

In 1900 there were 356 reefer ships sailing on the oceans. Today there are 1,013 (CIA Factbook, 2007) reefer ships. I thought this seemed like a modest increase across more than a century, until I discovered that most cold or frozen shipping these days is done in shipping containers.

Speedy ship

Yachta ship

A small ship cruise on the modern American Spirit is for the traveler who pursues the exceptional. Uniquely designed to navigate the inland waterways of the magnificent East Coast.

Atlantica ship

The laid-back, relaxed atmosphere attracts mostly retirees looking for an informal cruise amid spectacular landscapes.

Arabella ship

From her teak decks to her billowing sails aloft, Arabella brings you back to a time before the hustle and bustle of the modern world. It is a three masted Staysail Schooner, which operates in the Caribbean, Chesapeake Bay and New England.

Coastal cruises

The Grande Caribe cruises seasonally around America: from the Intracoastal Waterway in Spring, to Cape Cod and the islands in Summer, to Inland Waterways in the Fall. A laid-back, relaxed atmosphere attracts those looking for an informal cruise with spectacular scenery. Single-seating dining takes place on the main deck and the lounge on the Second Deck doubles as an auditorium suitable for receptions, lectures, meetings and conferences.

Modren ship

The luxurious Columbia Queen brings contemporary small-ship cruising to the rivers of the Northwest. This elegant vessel combines state-of-the-art propulsion and navigation systems with luxurious elements typical of much larger luxury vessels. Onboard are spacious public rooms filled with richly polished woodwork and plush seating, Tiffany & Co. chandeliers, and artwork inspired by the Pacific Northwest.

Glory ship

The American Glory offers discerning travelers a unique and modern style of small ship cruising along the east coast of the US. Regular port calls allow guests a glimpse into the cultural heritage that is the fabric of the United States. The country-club atmosphere onboard allows guests to relax, and enjoy the company of fellow travelers who share their interests in American history and culture

Sailing ship

Adventure ship

Amsterdam ship

Freedom ship

The American Star entered service in June 2007 and offers guests the unique style of cruising that has become the hallmark of American Cruise Lines. From charming small towns to gracious southern ports, the American Star will bring guests to places of historic interest and magnificent beauty.

Costa Romantic ship

The 49-passenger American Eagle is ideal for a cruise along the magnificent East Coast of the US. Designed specifically for gliding through lakes, bays, and rivers, the American Eagle brings guests up-close to America’s best-kept secrets. Instead of spending days in the open sea, guests visit a different port every day

Long nile ship

The Grande Caribe cruises seasonally around America: from the Intracoastal Waterway in Spring, to Cape Cod and the islands in Summer, to Inland Waterways in the Fall. A laid-back, relaxed atmosphere attracts those looking for an informal cruise with spectacular scenery. Single-seating dining takes place on the main deck and the lounge on the Second Deck doubles as an auditorium suitable for receptions, lectures, meetings and conferences.

Newyork ship

Faster ship

Nice ships

British ship

the pirates been able to capture a ship full of people - and not just people, but wealthy Westerners, a lot of them presumably American - the piracy story in the Gulf of Aden may have been taken to an ominous new level. It is looking like a titanic ship

Quote-dpw ship

Most of the ships hijacked by pirates have been relatively slow freighters or tankers. This attack was on a high-speed cruise ship, and that's what may have saved her, says CBS News correspondent Mark Phillips.

Nel lines ship

One boat managed to close within 300 yards and pirates fired upon the passenger liner with rifles, but the liner was able to outrun the smaller boats

Paradise ship

The ship's captain brought the Nautica up to flank speed (above its full cruising speed of 18.5 knots) and began evasive maneuvers.

Mercury ship

[...] The liner, carrying 656 international passengers and 399 crew members, was sailing in the Gulf of Aden on Sunday, a maritime corridor patrolled by an international naval coalition, when it encountered six pirates in two speedboats.

Fantasy ship

Thank goodness the Nautica was able to outrun the Somali pirates

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Amazing ship

The interior design of the Solstice-class ships is a world apart from the retro-style favoured by Cunard and Holland America, and the garish Joe Farcus designs on board Carnival and Costa

Epic ship

If you've already seen sister ship Celebrity Solstice, then they will probably look familiar, because the two vessels are almost identical, with subtle changes of d├ęcor. They are also an indication of what Celebrity Eclipse will look like when it is delivered next year for a season sailing out of the UK.